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Michael Clare
Watercolour, Gouache and Pastel Artist.

Michael Clare
My first job on leaving school at 15 was as a messenger boy in a London Commercial Art Studio, where, besides delivering packages around London, one of the tasks was to mix the colours and wash the paint pots for the artists. Everything was done by hand in those days (1962), no Letraset or digital! I initially trained as a lettering and finished artwork artist, but as my career progressed I self-taught myself in photographic retouching and airbrush illustration.

After a brief period of working freelance for various studios and magazines I landed the job of Technical Illustrator on Practical Motorist magazine where my main task was to prepare cut-away and cross section illustrations of engines and cars, as well as illustrating step-by-step guides to engine repairs.

In my spare time I started to practice painting cats and dogs in watercolour and gouache and pencil portraits of children. This led to doing portrait commissions of people’s pets and children.

When Practical Motorist relocated to Poole in 1977 I was promoted to Art Editor. In order to provide for a growing family I started working for local studios in the evenings and at the weekends. This led to going fully self-employed.

The arrival of the Macintosh computer in the early 1980’s heralded a sea change in the graphics industry, where, from just being for word processing, the computer was quickly capable of creating digitally all the work I was doing by hand. The decision was whether to continue working by hand or embrace the digital revolution. I chose the latter!

For the next 25 years I very rarely touched a paintbrush. Now I am retired I am relearning and rediscovering the pleasure of painting. I specialise in animal portraits in watercolour and gouache and have begun to experiment with pastel for child portraits. The next challenge is acrylics and oils!

Bryony (Pastel) by Michael Clare
by Michael Clare
Cleopatra (Watercolour) by Michael Clare
by Michael Clare
Tilly (Watercolour) by Michael Clare
by Michael Clare
Nathan (Pastel) by Michael Clare
by Michael Clare
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