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David Lowe

After completing my GCE in Art at 15 I was told that Engineers cannot continue with Art so I should instead study Engineering Drawing and so I had to drop Art as a subject to concentrate on Engineering subjects.

After a small investment in pencils, paint, canvasses and easels, I took up the pencil and brush after some 50 years dormancy to again enjoy the relaxation of creating art. Joining a 'Painting for Pleasure' class I was able to receive some instruction and critique of my progress. Then joining Ringwood Art Society, I am able to experience how the professionals create their works of art at the monthly demonstrations.

Later, I began attending Workshops and Life Classes and began to develop my techniques and style, all the time realising that it is a long road to perfection, but with much enjoyment and satisfaction on the way.

My subjects thus far have been our host students from the eastern countries studying for their A levels. Many suggest that I branch out into other subject areas - I have tried them but much prefer portraiture which although unforgiving can be very satisfying and rewarding - especially if I can capture a likeness! And, the finished work makes a nice present for my host-students to take home to their parents.  Maybe I'll rethink this later.

Gimme Fish
by David Lowe
Jamika by David Lowe
by David Lowe
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